Portable lighting sources, such as flashlights, are extremely popular, especially for outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts which is a huge demographic in itself. We have often overlooked these types of items, as they typically aren’t designed with an environmentalist’s priorities in mind. Most of this is due to the amount of manufacturing involved in creating one single item, so the carbon footprint is already quite large before these items hit the shelves. That being said, there has been a lot of improvement in this regard, especially when it comes to making the final product greener, so it’s interesting to see the reaches of environemntal progress. In this article, we would like to highlight a couple gadgets that incorporate green solutions while still providing a high level of tactical capability.

LED Headlamps

When people think of headlamps, it’s not uncommon for the first thought to be a mining crew, but this is only a very small fraction of the uses for headlamps. They are now being used at an increased rate across the board, including professional industrial applications, recreation, outdoor adventures, and as safety items to have around the house, cabin, RV, or wherever you may want to have a backup source of light.

The incorporation of more efficient LED lighting systems into headlamps serves multiple purposes. First, this is a much more environmentally-friendly approach, as LED lights consume less electricity, or in this case, last longer without having to be replaced. This reduces the longterm cost for the person wearing the headlamp, ensures a longer operational time so you aren’t left in a sticky situation, and LED lights are now capable of being extremely bright even when compared with their less efficient counterparts. Check out this resource for a few good options for bright LED headlamps.

LED Flashlights

Here’s a more conventional option for those who don’t want to have as much fun. Of course, if LED lights can be incorporated into a headlamp, they can also be incorporated into a flashlight. There are a few trade-offs to these options. First, having a flashlight generally eliminates the use of one of your hands, unless you hold the flashlight in your mouth, but that’s onot always ideal. On the other hand, flashlights are typically much more durable then headlamps, so you can be a little more wreckless with them.

LED flashlights tend to be a little more expensive if you want to ensure a high-quality item, but the price range is extremely wide, as it depends on the application. If you just want an emergency light that will last, but doesn’t need to be extremely bright, then you won’t have a problem finding something to fit your budget. However, if you need a high lumen count to maximize brightness (e.g. outdoor/wilderness applications) while still inluding green technology, then you may have to search a little harder to find something you like that fits in the budget. Check out this resource for a good list of bright LED flashlights.


Throughout this site we have discussed many different green gadgets and technology that span a wide range of applications. If there is one thing to take away from this, it’s that green solutions can be implemented in all parts of life, it’s just a matter of understanding what is and isn’t green, as well as where to look (which is why we talk about these things!). In this case, more environmentally-friendly lighting is just the tip of the iceberg, so we encourage you to have some fun browsing around for ways to reduce your carbon footprint!

Making a nice and convenient horse arena footing is an art and it requires time.  This is the place where your horse is going to be walking around and there is a science behind the best horse arena footing.  A poor footing may cause problems to a horse, including bad performance, low confidence and risk for suffering injuries and issues such as osteoarthritis.

Setting up the right horse arena footing might prove a challenge and could be expensive.  But you can make one with materials that have been recycled and save yourself lots of money.  Plus, you can use materials that are readily available in your local market.

Sand and Dirt

This is definitively a very important component of your horse’s footing.  The size of the sand grain and consistency of the dirt is very important.  Now, you do not recycle sand or dirt because fortunately these are usually readily available.  So make this an important component of the footing in order to avoid injuries on your horse.


Here we have a material that can be used in a recycled form.  Needless to say, it is always a good idea to use recycled products when purchasing.  In the market, you can find many recycled products at a rather low price.  They hold the same quality as those made from new materials and they are green.  Usually, rubber mats that are recycled are free of any contaminant.  Therefore, recycled rubber mats to create a great footing.


This is another footing option that provides with cheap materials for reusing.  These are not too expensive since they can be used in the form of sawdust, shavings, shredded bark, and shredded fibers.  They are, technically, the remains of unused wood and they can make for the perfect arena footing.  The only downside with using wood products is that they usually wear out easily, meaning that it requires renovation a bit more frequently than other materials.

Toxin-free materials

Recycled products usually offer a green alternative to conventional materials.  This means that they have been deprived of contaminants and toxins.  This is very important for the overall health of your horse.

Give a try to recycled material in order to have a nice and clean footing.  Using appropriate materials will keep your horse safe and your wallet happy.  Recycled materials, when treated to become less toxic, do not pose a threat to your horse if he tries to eat the material your horse arena footing is made from.



The recent UN Climate Change Conference was held in Paris, France last November. It brought hundreds of world leaders to the recovering city to strengthen the ties among nations in the fight against climate change.

As the conference concluded, word got out that the talks were successful and more nations would be cooperating in saving tBadge - Emptyhe planet. This means that we can expect more greener homes and establishments all over the world.

A lot of companies offer green solutions to save the environment. But, there aren’t a lot of companies that really push this advocacy to their customers and only a handful really have effective technologies that have the scope and efficiency to make a significant change.

This challenge would now be easier to overcome because countries are now starting to push this idea. It’s now be the perfect time to tell you about some of the green technologies you can build in your own homes.



When you think of green technology, solar options are the first things that come to mind. There are solar arrays that provide energy for homes. Another option is the solar water heater which uses a lesser number of solar panels to power the heater in your home.

Although the solar-powered home saves energy and cuts costs in the long run, homeowners are reluctant to install it because of the large initial costs. It is the hope of the green energy sector that prices would go down with the recent development in the industry.


Windmills have long been used as a source of energy to power huge generators in windy locations. However, recent developments in the technology have produced a wind generator that can be installed in your home. These energy-saving kits reduce home power consumption by at least 10% and up to 90% if you install the more advanced type.


People in rural areas have long stored rainwater for their homes. You can learn to install a mechanical system to collect rainwater to use around the house. Its also a great DIY project because it is relatively inexpensive.


Many homes have been found to have poor insulation which causes energy loss contributing to your bill. Installing insulators on your roof, on your windows, and other parts of your house will help reduce these energy expenditures which is good for the environment.

Energy Star

Energy Star appliances are the readily available alternatives for homeowners who want to help the environment but don’t want to lose the convenience. These appliances are a direct result of the green technology advocacy and they’re built to conserve energy.

Common household appliances, like refrigerator, water heater/cooler, and washing machines have an energy star version. They are not that hard to find and they function the same as your typical appliance.

One of the mainstream topics in this century is about conservation.  Entire nations are getting together aiming towards measures to preserving our environment.  This is the concern of golf courses today as well.  Very few things are greener than a golf course.  The several acres required for a nice golf course do not really require a major impact to the environment for its construction.  Golf course then, are eco-friendly by themselves.  But several actions are being taken in order to make golf courses more environmentally friendly.

Planting grass and other plants

Builders of golf courses are aiming towards protecting the lakes and ponds that surround the place.  Some of these are being surrounded with plants to protect them from drying and from erosion.  We all know how planting grass and other plants allow for a better environment.  So, if you are planning to get golf ready, then be ready to enjoy some environmentally friendly  premises equipped with the highest tech irrigation systems within the nicest views of mountains, lakes, or beaches.

Pollution-filtering irrigation systems

Golf course builders are rapidly installing irrigation systems that are eco-friendly.  When the field collects pollutants from visitors or golf carts, these systems filter them to prevent the deterioration of water quality.  This will also prevent such water from ever reaching a stream or pond.

Water-saving facilities

Besides the above, modern irrigations systems are capable of reusing the water, therefore dramatically reducing the impact to water availability.  This requires systems that prevent water evaporation, which is accomplished by a nice place filled with trees in convenient places.

Some golf courses are constructed on areas that include large amounts of trees.  Preserving and giving maintenance to these provides for a nice ecosystem where a golfer can enjoy a green environment while making those holes.  More trees mean more water as they help keep the humidity of the soil.

Protecting the sea

You have probably being to a golf course that is very close to the sea shore.  These golf courses are built with water maintenance systems that prevent runoff from reaching the ocean.  Most golf courses will preserve their shores as they are being built and kept.

Golf is a great sport that is better practiced at courses that are eco-friendly and provide for a healthy golfing experience.  Will you ever need to get better at golf, I will recommend you putting yourself in the hands of experts at SF Bay Area Golf Lessons.  You will be taught all the basics of the game and how to excel your techniques.

We can’t deny that the world is changing. All the technological advancements in which different high tech gadgets are coming up and invented and they’re there to make people’s life easier and faster. In spite of that, however, the environment somewhat suffers along with such global development.

Yet, there’s always hope for everything. With the many health conscious and environmentally concerned people, using green gadgets that doesn’t harm the environment is the best way to help the world. But what are green gadgets? And what are these gadgets for?

Essential Oils

You are probably aware about the magical effects if essential oils. These kinds of oils are naturally made to alleviate pain, cure some illnesses and put our body to its relaxed state. Some of the essential oils that are proven effective are lavender oil, chamomile oil, tea tree oil, peppermint, and a whole lot more.  In order to get the most out of these oils, best essential oil diffuser is needed.

Essential Oil Diffuser

So what is an essential oil diffuser? These diffusers are used to break the oils into pieces, letting it disperse into the air. Although some oils can also be applied directly on infected areas and no oil diffuser is required, in many cases, dispersing it into the air is even more effective. The essential oils’ therapeutic benefits can be maximized through a diffuser.

oil diffuser

There are several types of oil diffusers available. They’re designed according to purpose and function. There are these nebulizing diffusers, ultrasonic diffusers, evaporative diffusers and heat diffusers. They were named on they are used to diffused oils. For instance, the evaporative essential oil diffuser has a fan and a heating element that works to disperse oils into the air. It also has a filter and a wick.

Green Gadgets

Talking about green gadgets, these essential oil diffusers are used to bring healing and relaxation. It doesn’t use any kind of harmful chemicals that might affect the environment. They work very simple and easy. No line of complicated electronic lines, just a fan, a filter or a wick. This is one of a kind gadget that provides natural and organic benefits.

When choosing gadgets and any other equipment, you need to make sure that you consider its usefulness and its effects to the environment as a whole. Often times, we look at our own convenience, not realizing its destructive effects in general. Make sure that before you pick up the next gadget to buy, consider how it can be helpful both to you and the world.

Choosing Essential Oil Diffusers

The next thing that you need to do is to find the best essential oil diffuser that works for you. Since there are several options available and each type has its own set of pros and cons. Thus, you need to have a good idea of which one to buy and get the most out of using the power of essential oils. Remember that you can only receive the full therapeutic benefits of these oils if you know how to diffuse them, and the main key us using the right essential oil diffuser.

The world is constantly changing. Along with all the technological advancements, the balance of nature was disturbed. The most evident effect is climate change. The world now considers climate change as one disastrous problem that requires attention and a long term solution.

Because of this climate change, it seems that earth becomes hotter and hotter. This might be a bad thing for some, but you have to know that behind all these negative effects of climate change, you still can find a little good out of it.

For many paddle boarders, this hot weather is a great opportunity to get out and have some fun. Rather than staying away from the sun, they choose to enjoy it. Paddle boarding during hot season is the best way to stay fit, get relaxed and savor what the world can offer.

Paddle Boarding

The best water sport activity like stand-up paddle boarding is something that you might want to consider to ease the global warming effect. With paddle boarding, you will be able to enjoy the heat of the sun. For those who don’t have much idea what paddle boarding is, this is for you. Paddle boarding is an exciting water activity where in you have to step on top of a paddle board, maintains proper balance and paddle away.

paddle boarding

It can be done with a group if you wanted more fun. The best thing about paddle boarding is that it works not only for adults, but for kids as well. Thus, you can have it added to your getaway to-do activity list with your family for the coming vacation.

The Heat of Sun

Obviously, global warming isn’t fun at all. However, why spend your energy complaining about how hotter the world gets, if you can find a way to enjoy and make use it. Go to the beach and find other ways to minimize the effect of too much heat of the sun.

However, if you decide to go out, make sure that you still keep yourself protected. For instance, if you do paddle boarding, make sure that you wear the right clothing and other protective gears. Sun rays might be a good source of vitamin D, but too much of it is absolutely harmful. So don’t ever forget to bring a sunblock with you.

Climate Change

It seems that no one can stay away from the effects of climate change. Every creature on this planet has to experience the effect of global warming. And every human should take part in protecting Mother Nature. You have to remember that it is our responsibility to keep the balance of nature.

In the meantime, try to find some other ways to lessen the effects of climate change to you and your family. Who knows, it can be a great opportunity for you to be able to try out something new. Just like doing the paddle boarding. It is such a fun activity, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the water all at the same time. Check more information how you can get started with paddle boarding and make a difference on how you see climate change from then on.

Within five minutes of your groom to be getting down on his knee, your mind is beginning to picture the perfect wedding. For those of us who are dedicated to the preservation of our environment, this can be a bit more complicated than for the typical bride. If you are trying to plan the most memorable day of your life without it leaving a permanent mark on our environment, try these innovative solutions:

The Wedding Location

Nothing is more beautiful than an outdoor wedding in a lush, natural environment. Pick a location that is full of natural life to showcase the beauty of our planet as well as your special moment. If weather will not permit an outdoor wedding, plan it for inside of a local museum or gallery. This type of venue usually donates the proceeds of such events to worthwhile causes like saving the environment.

The Jewels

Mining for gold has put a strain on the earth’s natural resources. Gold is not replenish-able and there is no telling what its inevitable absence will do to the ecosystem. Make sure that the gold used for your wedding bands and engagement ring are made using recycled gold products and that the jeweler is able to tell you the exact origin of any stones.

Use Local Vendors

Finding caterers, florists and wedding photographers locally will help conserve gas in traveling. If you are getting married in the Calgary, Canada area for example, use Calgary wedding photographers. Not only will they help you preserve our environment, they will be familiar with the locale and able to provide you with wonderful wedding shots to last a lifetime. Your Calgary wedding photographer should also be used as your videographer and to take your engagement shots. This will cut down on the number of different vendors involved in your big day.

Speaking of Wedding Photography…

Talk with your Calgary wedding photographers about going digital. Most already do, but just double check. Digital photography does not use nearly as much chemicals, paper and rolls that traditional photography will. The Calgary wedding photographer will be able to decide from the digital images which ones are worth it, before making any prints.

Save on Paper

You probably don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to have printed invitations, but you can make sure that they are made using recycled paper. The rest, such as the RSVP and directions can be given by a website that you supply on the invitation. This still allows the tradition of the wedding invitation, but makes keeping track of the replies not only easier, but better on our planet.

There are tons of other ways that you can conserve resources with your wedding. Wear the dress worn by your mother, or let bridesmaids wear dresses that they will actually be able to wear again. Favors can be made with natural and recycled products and still be tasteful. For every item on your wedding list, there will be a solution that is friendly to the health of our entire planet.

Climate Change

Spray Tan KelownaIt’s so hot! Do you ever notice how warmer it is today compared when you were young? Well, that is because of climate change. The earth’s temperature increased and as predicted, it will rise more over the next hundred years if we don’t do anything about it. Humans are mostly to blame for global warming due to activities that contribute to the greenhouse gasses emission-this is one of the many reasons why there is a thinning of the earth’s ozone layer-which protects us from the sun’s extreme heat and harmful rays. A little increase in earth’s temperature can bring devastating effects not only to the environment but also to our health.

Skin: Our Primary Defense

The skin is our primary defense. It acts a wall-like barrier from environment hazards like infection and ultraviolet rays. Through the help of melanin- dark pigmentation of the skin, it is like “sunshades”, which blocks the most damaging wavelength of the ultraviolet light to penetrate the skin. Why do we need to protect our skin if it is our primary defense for such? Well, the skin cannot protect our internal bodies further due to climate change. The extreme UV rays are too much for the skin to handle, additional protection is needed. But prior to that let me enumerate the harmful effects of too much sun.

Effects of Climate Change (Extreme Exposure to the UV Rays) to the Skin

  • Sunburn

It is an acute reaction to excessive exposure to sun-results in edema, painful blisters, and after few days peeling, moreover, the UV rays contributes to 15 % to 20% to the sunburn reaction.

  • Tanning

Tanning is socially desirable effect of exposure to the sunlight. Tanning is also known as melanin pigmentation, a facultative type which is reversible after few days. Bur there is also known as Delayed Tanning, which becomes noticeable only after 1-2 days after exposure and may persist for few weeks or even months. Immediate Tanning on the other hand appears 5-10 minutes from exposure and normally fades after 1-2 hours.

There are also spray tan options available which don’t involve any harmful UV rays. Many tanning salons are switching to spray tans because in some places, it is illegal for people under 18 to go to traditional tanning salons. Many salons are now receiving spray tan training to increase their target market.

  • Photoaging

Prolonged exposure or regular exposure to the sun may cause skin dryness, deep wrinkles, decrease elasticity, accentuated skin furrows, and spot pigmentation.

  • Skin Cancer

The most common kind of cancer, according to a study 1% loss of total ozone layer leads to 3%-5% increase in skin cancer cases. Just imagine how much risk we are facing with the rate of the ozone layer thinning.


Apply Sunscreen Now!

Stop! Before you go out there, apply on some sunscreen. These are products that act as sun proof to protect the skin. Everyone above six months of age should regularly use sunscreen, even when it’s cloudy outside; there is still the 40% of UV rays exposure. Choose sunscreen with SPF-Sun Protection Factor of 15 or more. SPF is the ability to protect the skin from damage caused by the Ultraviolet rays and right now, we need a lot of that due to global warming or climate change. Moreover, before worst comes to worst, let us all do our part to prevent further climate change.


Dollarphotoclub_45410066-300x241No matter what purpose you have. But, you always need to consider the go green environment in your mind. You must go with a plan that does not cause much harm to the environment. Going green should be your preference in order to save this earth from harmful effects of imbalance environment.

If you are a sport lover, then it becomes necessary to take care of the surrounding environment. You must be aware of the powerful benefits of living green. It can be easily done without putting much effort for environment-friendly movement. The people, who are into archery, fishing or hunting business/activities, are going in the right path. If you come in this category, you must do what you are doing.

Even, one famous biologist has also appreciated the work of archers, fishers and hunters. As per his statement, such people are working sound in maintaining the wildlife equation. It is also stated that avoiding hunting and fishing may bring adverse effects on the wildlife management. Hence, it can collapse our environment. It means that actively engaged archers are functioning and supporting the conservation efforts, as well as flourishing our environment.

In simple words, we can also say that archery, as a sport or business, possesses a great connection with the ‘go green’ campaign. Archers, fishers and hunters come in the close contact with the real world. They do not sit in their room and watch videos related to the environment or wildlife. They know the real importance of the clean and green environment. Actually, their profession makes them able to learn everything that can enhance our environment. Some experts also called them as the ‘conservationists of wildlife’.

With your effective ideas and activities, you can reduce the distance between you and the natural world. If you have not done archery, fishing or hunting ever in your life, sit quiet and ask yourself, “Why you do not love such type of activities? Why you are keeping yourself away from conservation of wildlife and natural world?”

If you are in this profession, you can become more creative along with saving the environment. No doubt that everyone who loves archery always go for the best equipment like a recurve bow or even a longbow to get success as an archer. But, Have you ever think of making your own arrows that can save you lot of money? You can give extra thrill to the whole archery experience by simply making your hobby or profession more economical.

It would be good idea to take help of an expert who enables you to make perfect arrows based on your needs. You can even go for online videos to enhance your skills of making arrows. You can also paint your hand-made arrows to give them more attractive look.

It enables you to enjoy each moment of this activity when you make a remarkable relationship with the green world within your easily affordable budget. You will sure find yourself in the protective nature with highly improved air and ecosystem. We really applaud such people who are operational in saving the environment in such simple ways.

Since the 1960’s, it has been widely known that the cars we drive affects our air quality. Slowly it also became obvious that the were producing gases that have been eating away at our ozone layer since the first Ford rolled off of the assembly line.

Now, over a 100 years later people are taking an even harder look at the cars effect on the planet and even going so far as to start driving electric ones. But electricity puts a strain on natural resources too. So what can you do to get around without messing up our air?

Take the Bus

Or any other form of public transportation where more than one or two people are being toted around. Trains, subways and buses are all ways in which you can get from point A to B without the extra fumes. The bus is going to run anyway, you may as well get on it.

If public transportation is not an option, at least car pool. For every one less person in your car, there is one less car on the road. So let’s say you maximize the effort and take four people to work with you, and so does your neighbor and their neighbor. That is a total of 12 less cars on the road throwing emissions into our air.

Get Your Car Fixed

Speaking of emissions, your car will produce less of them if you keep it in good repair. Take it to an auto repair in Calgary and have the muffler, cat converter and exhaust pipes all checked out. Changing the oil and filters will also help to keep emissions down.

Another small part in your car that your auto repair shop in Calgary can check out is the O2 sensor. They should know that this tiny little part found by the tail pipe can make a big difference in your cars performance and emission output. They will check its function with a scanning device to make sure that it is sending the right message to your cars computer and keeping the gas it throws down.

Buy a Used Car

It is not just the car running that hurts the air, it is the entire process of producing them. The less we buy new, the less resources that will be spent in making them. Plus there will be less piles of junked cars to contend with.  Less, less, less. When talking about the environment, this is what you need to hear. Check used cars in Calgary (basic or luxury dealers will be happy to help you) before buying new, you will find something worthwhile there.

Go Small

Buy the right sized car to fit your life. If you are a single man, you don’t need a big bulky SUV. Economy cars spend less gas and therefore less natural resources. Again, we love to hear about less.

It all started with the catalytic converter, and since then car manufacturers have been working to come up with ways to make automobiles more energy efficient. It is still far from perfect, but if you do your part, it can improve greatly over the next forty years.